Puppy Training Commands

Teaching your dog obedience training commands is very important. It allow you to connect with your pet. Commands that you use must be short and clear. The best command is a one word command.

Don’t use your own too long word for training command.

Remember one word obedience commands are the best.

One word commands is much easier to hear and understand for your dog. You have to be consistent with your techniques and keep your commands simple. Your voice need to be clear and enough loud.

For teaching obedience commands use only your voice and hand gestures for visual commands. Your pet will learn better if is he focus on you during training. It is very important when dog learn meaning of obedience command. Correct him if he doesn’t obey a command the first time.

Usually you will need about a few month to train him basic obedience command if you trained dog 15 – 20 minutes per day.

Make your obedience training step by step. Don’t force young dog or puppy with a lot of exercise. You have to be very careful with puppy or young dog. Use positive training method. It means your training is without punish.

Dog e Book or Video is good way to learn more about training. You can solve any specific problems that you may have with your dog, You can easy follow it.

List of Dog training Commands

When you start with basic dog obedience training you want to now list of commands.

“Sit” to sit
“Down”to lay down
“Come” or come here
“Bad” to go lay down on a dog bed
“Heel”while walking whit your dog – dog shoulder have to be next to the handler leg.
“Stay” dog can’t move before you give another command

Dog Obedience give you a chance to spent a lot of time with your the best friend.

When your dog learn new command continue practicing continue practicing all the time.

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