5 Simple Steps To Gain Immediate Clarity In Life

“If you can find the peace and clarity to accept where you are, you will soon have the insight to get where you’d like to go.”

Is your life the way you want it to be?

If it’s not, do you know what’s missing? You’ve been working hard for a long time without seeing any results and it’s understandable that you feel frustrated because you can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong.

The problem is that you do not listen to what your heart is telling you, but believe the people in your environment who know better. It’s easy for them to give advice without even blinking, especially when they think they are helping you, but in reality they have no idea what they’re are talking about.

What others reflect on you, is not what youwant.Stop looking outside for what you want. Start searching within yourself instead.

Here are five simple steps to help you find immediate clarity in life.

1. Get organized. Clutter is horrible for eyes and the mind. Get rid of the stuff that you don’t need. Donate to charity, recycle, and throw away anything that doesn’t serve a purpose anymore. Don’t forget to bring some fresh flowers and plants into your new, clean environment. Then, declutter your mind.

2. Eliminate the distractions. You are what you feed your mind with. It matters who you spend your time with, what you read, eat or watch. Stop focusing on what you don’t like and don’t have and start focusing on what you LOVE and do have, so you can create a clear plan on how to improve your life.

3. Be stronger than your excuses. What is your biggest excuse for not doing what you really need to do in life? Lack of time? Money? Resources? These are just excuses that keep you stuck where you don’t belong. Become aware of the reasons you are doing this and you will act upon them. Waiting for that perfect “someday” and delaying your life thinking that you are going to live forever will not get you anywhere. Stop waiting and start now.

4. Be clear on your priorities. Write down your goals and glance at them daily. The moment you become aware of what you are after, you’ll get an immediate energy boost to continue working on your goals and dreams. When you say yes to one thing, make sure you stick with it. Cutting out other possibilities from your life during the moment you are pursuing the most important one is the way to go. When you have your priorities straight, you will avoid confusion.

5. You create clarity yourself. You decide to get clarity, you don’t wait for it to arrive. Look deep inside and write down exactly what is preoccupying your mind. Organize your thoughts by putting them on paper. Plan your day ahead and know exactly what is on the agenda, so you don’t get distracted and confused on what it is that you are doing.

When you realize what you need to change in life, you’ll instantly become overpowered with motivation to take action. The moment you gain clarity on what you want your life to be like, you’ll feel an immense drive to take the next step. Because clarity drives action. Make it your goal and focus all your energy on finding clarity. Just think of how many months and years of anxiety, stress, and searching for who you truly are you went thorough before you even decided to get clarity in life.

Check your immediate environment and ask yourself: Who are the people I spend the most time with? Do they have a clear purpose in life or do they drift through life aimlessly without any direction?

Stay close to and hang out with people who have a clear purpose and direction in life. If there is someone in your environment who does not approve of your goals and does not support you in your journey, don’t discuss your goals with them. Find people who do understand. If you can’t find them close to you, start listening to podcasts or audiobooks, and surround yourselves with the people who inspire and motivate you to push forward and become the best version of yourself.

Define it. Want it. Believe it. Do it.

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