Mondays in My Garden: Geckos and Broccoli

Good Afternoon Everyone and welcome to another “Mondays in My Garden” update!

This week, I wanted to share some specifics for how to plant potatoes and sugar peas. But we had some significant wind over the weekend, so our planting plans had to be postponed! Instead I’ll share a few pictures from this week in our garden. First is some fresh organic broccoli we picked this morning.

Our first harvest of the season! 6 ounces of fresh organic broccoli!

Next is a House Gecko our son named “Mikey” that we discovered in our hallway.

#wilton cake cover = #texas terrarium #omg #lizard #inmyhouse #milspouse #elpaso

And an unexpected flower in our vegetable garden. Have you ever seen a Radish in bloom?

Can you name this flower? #guesswho

So how are things going in your garden this week?

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Next week’s topic: We WILL be talking about how to interpret the back of a seed packet and how to plant sugar peas and potatoes! Feel free to comment on this post each week to share your garden knowledge, to ask your garden questions, or make suggestions for future “Mondays in My Garden” topics!-

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