My new favorite kitchen utensil

I am one of those people who gets excited about simple things.

Like yesterday when I found canning jars at our local Neukauf.
I literally squealed and clapped my hands.
A reserved German woman nearby just raised her eyebrows.
So much for blending in to the emotionally reserved culture of Europe!

A few weeks ago during a routine trip to our small PX, I discovered my new favorite kitchen utensil.

And yes…  I was THAT excited…


In our kitchen is an ‘everything drawer’ full of pens, small tablets, glue, twisty-ties, you-name-it, and tools.
Whenever a toy breaks or needs new batteries, this is the first place I go to for a screwdriver.
And NOW I only need ONE instead of FOUR in this drawer!
Here is the label…


Yes – you have my permission to print these photos out and take them to the store to say “I want one of these”
Yes – you have my permission to print these photos out and say “her PX has these – can we get them too?”
Yes – you have my permission to buy your own brand new favorite kitchen utensil and call it “Betsy” just like me.
Yes – you have my permission to paint the handle PINK with nail polish so your husband will return it promptly.

What is YOUR favorite kitchen utensil or handy-helper tool?
Do you have a kitchen “everything” drawer?

Just so you know, this was not a sponsored post. My opinions are my own – as exhibited by my high pitched squeal. Craftsman ain’t never heard of this lil ol blog. They have prolly heard of my husband because he really really really likes his tools. But then again, there are bazillions of men just like that right?– See more at:

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