Tankless water heater reviews & tankless water heater installation

You know what, most of us are familiar with water heaters and how much room they take up in our home and how costly they can be right. Well, Linda is the plumbing maven with Ben Franklin Plumbing and is here to explain how a tankless water heater actually works and you need to find out if it’s right for you.

I have already learned so much from you Linda, this is really cool. Now we’ve heard of them before, but you said that they’ve come a long way and they are here to stay. Yes, it’s like going from dial up to high speed internet, once people turn to tankless they don’t go back. Its’ awesome. There are a lot of benefits. Lets talk about them.

First of all this is what the system looks like. This is the size so if you think of your big water heater, which is about the size of this whole display, exactly it’s usually taller than us. And the new law that’s coming into play this spring is going to make those water heaters a little bigger even. No more water, but bigger, for energy efficiency. ok. So it’s really a great time to start thinking about, if you have to change do you want to go to a bigger size water heater, or is time to change to a smaller one?

Ok, this particular size that we’re looking at right here. About what size home and how do you determine the size of a tankless water heater. Yea, so it’s really important to size it correctly, there’s a lot of myths out there that people think that they don’t work that great. Most of the time it’s because they got the wrong size water heater for their home.E

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